Do you fight for beauty?
Do you shape your imagination?
We design boundless stories and turn creativity into stunning visual experiences
to move people
to celebrate cultures
to break down borders
to reshape the future
because we aim to convey emotional connections.
Our mission is to evolve the perception of art
using effective technologies as a mean of transformation and authentic communication.
We believe…
Every change challenge is a creative opportunity.
Maybe we are dreamers. Are you?

Invision Lab is a design & production studio founded by Idria Niosi and Alessia Massimi, two creative and artistic producers born in the inspirational land of Italy, feeling the need to go international since their early youth. Thanks to their study and work commitments, they were able to increase new ideas, insights and inspirations from all over the world. During their first professional collaborations, they decided to come together in their vision: the search for meaning and amazement through their thought-provoking projects, combining complementary skills and backgrounds in film, theater, painting, computer graphics, performing arts.

We provide audiovisual consulting, multimedia management and content production, always matching reality with imaginary. Furthermore, we are working on new technologies to create customized solutions for any physical and virtual space, on any screen or surface.

As a creative partner for brands, companies and agencies, the main goal of our studio is to advance the link between tradition and innovation, art and entertainment, digital and experiential. That’s why, at some point, we started building a worldwide network, spreading beauty, inspiration and above all… having the chance to share our vision without borders.

Our talents network and partners

Idria Niosi

Founder & Creative Director

Alessia Massimi

Founder & Art director

Stefano Di Fiore

Partner & Sound department

Daria Bertinelli

Art Director & CG Supervisor

Claudia Ascarelli

Production coordinator

Giuseppe Sciotto

VFX compositor & Lighting TD

Cristina Marangon

3d generalist

Valerio Massimi

Illustrator & Storyboard artist

Roberta Mangiapane

Software development

Stefano Orlandini

IT & Technical department

Sandro Chessa


Giuseppe Pignone

Director & Cinematographer

Eleonora Albano

3D Artist

Giuseppe Ferrillo

Motion graphics artist

Andrea Bonanni

Video editor & Colorist

Antonio Tozzi

Partner / Films & Ads

Marta Del Zoppo

Production manager

Francesco Prili

Producer / Photographer / Videomaker

Antonio Costa

Director & Producer

Eugenio Battaglini

VR / AR & interactive department

Miro Thuring

Camera operator / Filmmaker

Daniele Tullio

Video editor / Colorist

Adriano Giotti

Director & Copywriter

Edoardo Belinci

2d & 3d Artist

Our Studio