We aim to arouse unforgettable emotions without limits for your imagination

Invision Lab team has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, with an outstanding background in theater, cinema, advertising and events. We are a network of passionate and ambitious professionals which combines several expertise to provide both creative and technical support.

We focus on quality, change management and process optimization to build long term goals, delivering value to our clients’ vision and making it unique during every step of the content development, from the concept creation to the executive production.

We provide a full service of audiovisual consulting, multimedia management and content production. Moreover, we are working on new technologies to craft customized solutions for immersive and interactive experiences, through methods and techniques that can be applied to video installations and VR/AR devices.

Our network and key people

Alessia Massimi
Founder & Art director 
Cristina Marangon
3d Generalist
Idria Niosi
Founder & Creative Director
Stefano Di Fiore
Partner & Sound department
Claudia Ascarelli
Production coordinator
Giuseppe Sciotto
VFX compositor & Lighting TD
Antonio Gangemi
2d motion designer
Valerio Massimi
Concept Artist & Illustrator
Roberta Mangiapane
Software development
Stefano Orlandini
IT & Technical department
Sandro Chessa
Giuseppe Pignone
Director & Cinematographer
Veronica Salerno
Editing & Visual design
Giuseppe Ferrillo
Motion graphics artist
Andrea Bonanni
Video editor & Colorist
Antonio Tozzi
Executive producer / Films & Ads
Marta Del Zoppo
Production manager
Adriano Giotti
Director & Copywriter
Antonio Costa
Director & Producer
Eugenio Battaglini
VR / AR & interactive department

Commercial & Film Reel

ACTIVITY: 3D lighting and shading, compositing, shooting, executive production, video editing, color correction and grading.

CINEMATOGRAPHERS Sandro Chessa, Giuseppe Pignone, Alfredo Lembo DIRECTORS  Antonio Costa, Idria Niosi, Adriano Giotti, Giuseppe Pignone PRODUCERS Antonio Tozzi, Idria Niosi, Alessia Massimi COLORIST Andrea Bonanni 3D & COMPOSITING Giuseppe Sciotto, Alessia Massimi.

in collaboration with YANEZ FILM

The beginning of our story: a short video summary containing the work that started Invision Lab story, a creative studio founded by Alessia Massimi and Idria Niosi

ACTIVITY: art direction, logo animation, motion graphics, broadcast and visual design, cartoon animation, matte painting, virtual environment, emotional videos.

YEARS:  from 2013 to 2016

Events and TV Shows highlights

PRODUCTION COMPANIESFilmmaster Events, PalazziGas Events, Studio Watt Service, Imput Level Group, Fascino PGT / Clonwerk Srl, Visuwalls.

ACTIVITY:  private, corporate and institutional events, gala dinners and TV shows.