Iraq Idol

A 3-month production, 10 episodes, 100 digital scenographies (two steps for each graphic theme of the performances), more than 800 video exports on 22 LED screens. The “Iraq Idol” TV show was a real challenge on all fronts: a modern and unconventional stage design; very short timing for pre-production and technical previsualization; tight deadlines for one live a week, half of the team to be coordinated remotely, content optimization for several 3D renders in most part of the graphics of all episodes. It was hard work, we did it all… and we did it pretty well.

ClientVisuwallsLocationMBC studios – Beirut (Lebanon)Year2022Activity2d/3d motion graphics design, animation, compositing and matte painting.

Video highlights

Credits for Invision Lab:

ART & TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Alessia Massimi EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Idria Niosi  IT & CONTENT MANAGER Francesco Prili VISUAL DESIGNERS Edoardo Belinci, Eleonora Albano, Paolo Passarelli, Alessio Petetti, Sergio Cavaliere, Fabio Arcieri 

Digital scenography on led sceen

Some frames from the show

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